Quick Tips

A list of some of my top tips in relation to IP, Digital Media and Software:

1. If you think your new invention may be patentable do not disclose it publicly. If you do the patent may not be ‘new’ and not capable of protection.

2. Intellectual Property rights are granted on a country by country basis with a few exceptions. Applications can bcomme very expensive to prosecute so you should identify your key commercial markets.

3. Be aware of software patents especially if you are selling or licensing software into the North American markets.

4. If you licence new technology or software ensure that you have the right to repair, upgrade and maintain the software yourself or by third parties.

5. Licence as little as possible at the beginning unless the return is right. You can tailor licences to permit use for certain periods, in certain sectors and for different territories.

6. Always ask who will own the IP if you are using third parties to develop technology, brands or other IP for you. If nothing is in writing normally the third party will own the IP with an implied licence being granted. The breadth of the licence will be uncertain.

More to follow