Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social Media Service Levels

Today twitter was unavailable for a noticeable amount of time simply diverting users to a whale saying "Over Capacity"

The fact that the service was unavailable for a period of time actually trended on the site immediately after under the hashtag #whentwitterwasdown.

This made me think of service levels and in particualr uptime availability for certain software applications. Twitter is imminently about to commercialise its service and for me this changes the relationship with its users with regard to the level of service expected.

Should there be guaranteed uptimes for example. If a business relies on social media services, particularly online marketing firms what service levels do they promise their clients and is this reflected in the levels provided by Social Media Platforms.

Moreover, if you are an advertiser who has paid for prime time social media exposure and the service is unavailable what is your remedy. If there are no service levels then there is no remedy for the downtime. Normally service credits are offered but is this really good enough compensation?

Continuity and availability are the key for most businesses that rely on software as a service provided via the Internet. Of which Twitter and Facebook are two such examples.

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