Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7 - Snipping Tool

Just had a look at the Windows 7 snipping tool via a first review on the BBC website. Looks like a really nice tool to snip a section of a website. Simply select the text and images you want to snip (similar to cropping in picture editors) and your selection is displayed in a separate window to do with as you want. Whilst this is a nice to have tool my view is that this is likely to increase copyright infringement.

Whilst individuals who use the material 'snipped' or copied may be able to rely on a personal use exemption other businesses users may not. An employee may snip a useful article and distribute a modified version within their company. This is likely to
amount to copyright infringement if there is no consent.

Whilst there is nothing currently to stop users from copying the text and images from websites and using it elsewhere the ease of the snipping tool may start a proliferation.

My other thought is: will this affect the image tracking software of the large image banks such as Getty and Corbis. ie Will the snip format prevent them from tracking use of their images?

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With that tool we can capture all the screen which we want.Its just taking screenshot of android or IOS systems. I've used it a lot.Thanks for sharing this article with us.keep posting