Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What are the best ways to prove you came up with the next best idea?

Traditionally sending a letter to yourself was the best, if not the only, way to demonstrate that you created a copyright work first.

Now there is a new service being offered at http://protected.cc/ which does the same thing but electronically.

But does this assist? My view is that this will be a great help in the U.S where they operate a first to invent system of patent registration. In the UK we operate a first to file policy so for new inventions this does not assist other than to prove the defence of concurrent invention.

This system may help a bit with copyright infringement cases where you are trying to demonstrate that the idea was original at a given point in time. However, it doesn't stop copying but may act as a deterrent to would be infringers.

If there was such a system which helped a person prove that information was imparted in an air of confidentiality this may be very useful given the amount of time that is put into non-disclosure agreements.

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Andrew said...

I'm the originator of the protected.cc idea - thanks for the write-up!

The idea came out of the Launch48 project (build and launch a web app in 48 hours) so it's still a bit rough round the edges.

We've been advised initially to focus on the copyright angle rather than get involved in the area of patents, as that is such a legal minefield.

We've had a lot of initial positive feedback from creative agencies and individuals who can see our system as being of use to disuade ripping off, and we look forward to developing the idea!

Do follow our journey via twitter (@protectedcc) or on our blog at http://protectedcc.wordpress.com/.