Monday, October 19, 2009

#LikeMinds Event

I spent Friday afternoon at the first ever LikeMinds event which was set up to discuss return on investment from use of social media.

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A lively event with a mixture of presentations and panel interaction. An engaged audience asked numerous difficult questions of the panel who were being streamed live.

The event was attended by circa 200 people and circa 600 watched online. The only marketing for the event was via social media!!

For me it shows what the power of social media can be if applied correctly and in the right context. Whether it will be ubiquitous in all business sectors such as the notoriously stuffy and private legal industry remains to be seen.

My view is the more transparent the better.

For me Twitter is (at the moment) far more applicable to owner managed businesses who are engaged at the coal face rather than for individual employees with a hierarchical structure.

Controlling the voice of your company can be fraught with danger and one of the morals from Like Minds was to choose your social media champions with care.

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