Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nominet DRP gets easier and cheaper....

Sorry I have been on my hols - now back and blogging away.

Nominet is the registrar for all domains ending in They have the power to order transfers of domain names that are in dispute. This is a large amount of power particularly when domain names can be transfered for a great deal of money on the open market. Recently sold for around £200,000.

Understanbly, given the potential value of some domians you get disputes over who should be the proper registrant of the domain name. Many organisations have been frustrated by registrants squatting on their domains and turn to the Nominet Dispute Resolution Procedure for assistance. This policy which provides a formal procedure to resolve ownership disputes changed from August 08. To have a domain name transferred a claimant should prove that the registrant has either abused the registration system or abused the use of the domain following registration. (This is different to ICANN, which regulates top level domains where you have to prove both)

The main change since August is the introduction of a summary decision from an expert where there has been no response from a defendant. This costs £200 plus VAT as opposed to the full mediation cost of £750 plus VAT. In addition much of the dispute resolution procedure can now be followed online including the submission of evidence.

Nominet have also clarified point on what amounts to abusive registration including where are domian name is likely to confuse people that a domian is associated with a brand owner or even threatening the same.

These changes are welcome and the clarification reflects the recent cases.