Monday, June 02, 2008

Piracy - a new gamekeeper?

The general rule is that IP owners have to police and enforce their own rights through the civil courts, but a recent case brought by Hertfordshire County Council under money laundering legislation showed that criminal proceedings can be just as effective.

In that case the directors of a company were found guilty of money laundering because they received rent which was paid from the proceeds of selling pirated and counterfeit goods on the market stalls.

This also acts as a warning to landlords who receive rent from tenants they consider to be "dubious". The maximum prison sentence if found guilty is 14 years!

This is a very new area of law and there is an appeal underway. So watch this space!

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Matthew Gingell said...

eBay may be concerned about this development because they may have profited from the sale of couterfeit goods....